GuitarJack 2 USB, what’s in the box …

Ok, so I’m getting this out of what is some very nice packaging.

Inside the outer sleeve is the main box which has a nice magnetic snap to it making it very sturdy indeed. I know it’s only a small touch, but it adds to the feel of the overall package. It’s very professionally done.

Inside the box are two cables for the device and the unit itself in a handy draw string bag.

The GuitarJack 2USB is a heavy unit, about the same weight as the last version, at least that’s how it feels to me. It’s build is very sturdy though. No concerns over the manufacturing at all.

BeatMaker 2.5 arrives and we say hoorah!

Here’s all that’s new and shiny in 2.5. Isn’t it lovely?

  • Compatible with Apple iOS Inter-App Audio (iOS7 only, iPhone+iPad)
  • Compatible with iOS 7 on all devices (fix the graphic glitch on iPhone 5S)
  • INTUA Sound Store for getting new kits and sound banks
  • New effect: Stereo delay
  • MIDI note learn on drum machine: configure each drum sampler exactly like your MIDI controller
  • MIDI Clock and MIDI transport messages improved
  • Quick MIDI CC touch’n’learn on instruments, mixer and effects controls
  • Every instrument will listen on MIDI Channel #1 by default
  • Take-over mode for reading back sequencer automations
  • Looping will no longer reset automations
  • OMNI disabled by default
  • MIDI Clock messages are sent by default
  • Auto-saved sessions (“Last Session”) now saved with project name, in a special directory “Auto-saved Sessions”
  • MIDI configuration templates will now save custom note mapping
  • GM Drum mapping mode in Drum Machine MIDI configuration panel
  • Note length can be edited directly on the pattern editor
  • Missing samples will still be displayed on pads and keyboard mapping editor for easier recovery (prefixed with a cross)
  • Update to Audiobus SDK 1.0.2
  • Other fixes and enhancements

The MikiStrange Blog: Electric Dreams Realised

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Wejaam Dubstep (video)

Jam Session with Volca Keys, Bass, Beats and Boss DR-660

This is coming on the first of November …

Remember ….

… so get ready

Lonely Forests by Frozen Lonesome

Made with lots of iOS app goodness …

Soft synths and iPads and Raspberry Pi: Two mellotrons for the price of one

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iOS Music And You: iOS Music Tunes: Privacy Glitch by Chip Boaz

Every week, iOS Music Tunes will feature a piece of music made with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod – directly from one of our readers. There’s a lot of artistic potential in iOS devices, and iOS Music And You readers are putting all the fantastic tools to use in creative and exciting ways. This regular […]

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Which app(s) would you like to see universal?

Often I think that some iPad apps would be amazing on the iPhone and vice versa, although to be honest, less so the other way around.

Once example of this is Genome, which I think is an amazing MIDI sequencer. So I thought I’d ask the question to you. Which apps do you wish you could have on your iPhone which are currently iPad only?

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