FL Studio Mobile apps get a really big update, and MIDI start stop is going to be amazing!

This is a big step forward for these apps and I’m really looking forward to the MIDI feature. Here’s what’s new:

New features:

  • MIDI start/stop input & output
  • Input gain slider in the recording window (only visible with external mic connected)
  • New AudioCopy 2.0 support (iOS 7 compatible)
  • WAV export option to write 1 file per track

Performance & speed:

  • Major performance improvements (play more tracks without audio dropouts!)
  • Audio file editing is up to 5x faster
  • Reverb quality and performance improved

Other improvements:

  • Audio recordings are placed more accurately
  • Setup latency options removed, it’s now always at minimum
  • Filenames can now contain non-latin characters
  • Inbox folder is no longer present, files are moved to the top level folder
  • .flml (drum loop) files can be opened from other apps like Mail and Safari
  • Overall stability greatly improved

FL Studio Mobile on the app store:

FL Studio Mobile HD on the app store:

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