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New versions of iLife for iOS7 and for Mavericks

So, new versions as expected. It’s nice to see iLife getting into the spotlight again. Having said that, so far I can’t anything too amazing in iPhoto and iMovie. Nice new designs but not mind blowing, not for me anyway.

Garageband goes up to 32 tracks on 64bit devices. Desktop drummer feature is quite interesting as well.

Hey, and free when you buy a new Mac or iOS device!

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Apple Special Event starting now

You can watch the live stream of the event here, but only if you’re using Apple TV or Safari.

If not I’ll be posting the most important bits of news as I see them.

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Mixtikl+ThumbJam – jam #4 (cAtharsis)

Mixtikl + ThumbJam

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MusicTech Meet up this Thursday

Another event that might be of interest. Music Tech Meet Up is this Thursday in Shoreditch. Full detail here.

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Music App Blog: iSEM review – Arturia bring Oberheim’s legendary SEM to iOS

Is it possible to own too many iOS synth apps? Well, I guess if you are a guitar player or drummer or vocalist then perhaps you just want a few of the best to cover your general needs. However, if you are a bit of a synth-head, then the budget pricing of most iOS music […]

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Eternal Angel by SenhorLampada


All iPad production… Everything mixed in Auria, but pre-recorded and sequenced in GarageBand. Featuring: InstaDrummer, DM1, and loops for drums, GarageBands keys, bass, strings and synths. Extra sounds come from Sampletank and some ambient sound-music apps 🙂

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QuNexus Scales Mode M4L Device

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Eff ’em by pantsofdeath


Me playing about with FM. Most sounds from TF7, a few from DXi. Drums are all SeekBeats and Stix. Vocals from Samuel L Jackson and Peppa Pig.

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Rogue Artist Testimonial : Materialized

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trakAx blog in using Google Play music in movie express projects

A useful bit of information from trakAx on using google play songs in your projects. You can read it here.