Rumour round up for tomorrow

So, lots of things being talked about in terms of what will be announced tomorrow. Here’s what I’m expecting …

  1. A new iPad which is probably a bit thinner, a lot faster, and has a design closer to the mini than the last iPad.
  2. A new mini, with a retina display, and probably faster too.
  3. A new iLife for iOS suite
  4. A new iWork for iOS Suite
  5. And as part of 3, a new Garageband that is freemium.

Anything else to add?

Amplify.IO post on their new app Junglator

A quick post from Amplify.IO on their new app Junglator which arrived today. It gives a bit more information about what’s coming next to the app and makes me wonder what DZM is?

Retronyms brings AudioCopy app to the store

AudioCopy is a catalog for your sounds. Browse and audition all the sounds you’ve copied. Import sound using iTunes, store sounds centrally for easy use in your favorite apps.

Mira Quick Start: Automatically connect to Max and mirror your interface

EGDR808 Drum Machine HD update brings Audiobus, AudioCopy and more

Here’s what’s new:

  • Optimization for IOS7
  • Core MIDI (network session, external controllers, MIDI inter app)
  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy 2.0

PUC Wireless MIDI, campaign still running on Indiegogo

Just a little reminder of this indiegogo campaign.

Introducing LP-5 by Finger Pro

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