AmpKit+ 1.8 arrives

Here’s what’s new:


AmpKit 1.8 amplifies an already powerful gear library, bringing its total to 113 available amp channels, cabinets, pedals and mics. And with AmpKit, you can mix and match amps, cabinets and mics, and add up to 32 effects in a single setup, for virtually unlimited tone permutations. This release also features a total of 156 presets spanning the full range of genres and playing styles.


  • Colonel Jump 75: Modeled on the 1975 Marshall® Master Model JMP 2203 100w Lead, an amp that pioneered a new era in rock and roll. It was the first Marshall to include a master volume control, as well as a cascaded preamp that enabled great saturated tone at any volume. AmpKit’s Jump 75 is a faithful reproduction, with amazingly sweet, smooth high-gain tone. This amp defines classic rock and roll.
  • Talon Blues 5: Modeled on the Lab Series L5, one of the few solid-state amplifiers that guitarists love for its great tone. Includes a parametric midrange control, built-in compressor, and a unique multifilter which operates on six different frequency centers.
  • Taos C+: Modeled on the Mesa® Mark IIC+, this amp has more tone-modifying switches than any other AmpKit amp. Wikipedia calls the Mark IIC+ “the most coveted vintage Boogie, selling for twice its original price on average, because of its much praised ‘Liquid Lead’ mode, and also, its warm, clean rhythm mode.”
  • Voltage VT Reissue: Modeled on the Ampeg® SVT®-VR, the classic “Blue Line” SVT bass head from the early 1970s. This flexible two-channel amp includes midrange EQing, as well as Ultra Hi and Ultra Low controls, and we added a master volume control so you can dial in the overdrive you want at any volume level. AmpKit’s authentic reproduction delivers all the iconic bass tone you’d expect from this classic amp.


  • Thrasher PRE: Modeled on the TC Electronic® Integrated Preamplifier, a discontinued and extremely hard-to-find clean boost and 2-band EQ that’s a must-have when recreating 1990’s thrash metal tone. Definitely the secret ingredient for amazing thrash metal fun.
  • ToneMime Bass: Modeled on the Tech21® SansAmp® Bass Driver. It’s like owning an entire roomful of bass amps: using this pedal alone (without amp or cabinet), you can easily dial in the tone of dozens of different amps! The ToneMime Bass pedal also works well as an overdrive pedal in conjunction with other AmpKit bass amp models.

Finally, an AmpKit bundle just for bass players! And what a selection of amps: two feature-packed modern bass amps from Trace Elliot and Ashdown, and three classic bass amps authentically modeled on classic Fender and Ampeg heads. We also include the ToneMime Bass pedal which is like owning a roomful of amps all by itself, and the Octapuss sub-octaver pedal. Includes: American Bass King, Ashdown ABM 900, Trace Elliot 1215, Voltage VT Classic, and Voltage VT Reissue amps with matched cabs; ToneMime Bass and Octapuss pedals.

AmpKit+ is also still on sale with the price down from $19.99 to $10.99.

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