NESComposer for Android

One for the retro types on Android …

NESComposer / FamiComposer let you bring 8-bits Studio Anywhere any place around with you!!
Create Classic 8-bits Chiptune Music.

Compose and Program Chiptune music with Text base in Music Macro Language ( MML ) which is alternative to Music Tracker
Enjoy Crystal Clear of original sound with original NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom ) sound chip emulation.
NESComposer / FamiComposer can be use as Memo pad for Musician so You can do Music notation every time!!


  • Original NES Sound Chip Emulation
  • VRC6, VRC7, NAMCO 106, FME-7 (SUNSOFT 5B) Sound Chip Emulation
  • DPCM Support
  • build-in .dmc files
  • Save & Load Music Score ( MML )
  • Upload And Share your music online via Social network (facebook, twitter) or email
  • Include Super Mario Bros. Music in Example!!
  • Add more Example Score From Final Fantasy 4, Gradius, Dragon Ball Z, Zelda, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Double Dragon and More!!

Available on the Google Play Store.

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