it has only been a couple of weeks since my last track but it feels like an eternity. I have been in a pretty bad place recently I feel and have been having a lot of problems getting motivated. The last few months I have just been buying Apps for the sake of it, looking for that “New App Smell” that used to make me so excited but these days I am just not getting the thrill. I took two weeks off music altogether. This piece came together in an evening. I put all the stems into loopy, playing about really, and was just jamming with them DJ Stylee. I must have looked a fool bobbing about in the kitchen with my headphones on but it was the first time in a month I felt “into” the music. So, this piece. Depressives among you will know that Winston Churchill used to refer to his depression as his “Black Dog” – I like the name, although Stephen Fry’s weather analogy matches my own experience better. Anyway, I wanted to do a piece that reflects my experience of the condition and this is it – both bleak and jarring but also with a more energetic edge of rage. Someone once described depression as an inability to construct a future and that is absolutely my experience, in fact that is probably the one defining characteristic of my adult life is that I have always been unable to construct a future, to plan, to look forward. Interestingly that horrible sound (that to my ear sounds like crowds of people screaming) was actually me calmly repeating “No Future” into Virtual ANS, some copy-pasting and a little contrast added and that was the result, which is way closer to how my brain feels than the measured tones of the original recording. The Drums are DM1 using the onboard FX, bouncy bass is from Magellan which I have barely used in months, the more ambient bits are Caelestis recordings loaded back into Caelestis as samples and bouncing around in a shape. Same with the guitar sample – bounced through Caelestis. Everything else is Animoog passed through turnado and WOW. The theme then is every sound has been reprocessed a couple of times, altered with effects, reprocessed, rerecorded, reordered. Ladies and gentlemen – I give you Black Dog. Addendum – ooh – I almost forgot – NEWS FLASH – I used BM2 in this – to pitch shift the bassline because I forgot to save the sequence before I shut Magellan. Yes – I USED BM2! Obviously I had to wash afterwards and will never feel clean again. And it only took me an hour of swearing to figure out how to get my sample in and out again (I had to read the manual).

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