Acoustbl (Mac)

I thought that this was an interesting Mac app, and although it isn’t running on a mobile OS it can be controlled using C74 or MIRA.

Here are the details:

Acoustbl is a Mac OSX app that lets you make music and transform your own live sound.
Compatible with iPhone (C74) and iPad (MIRA)
A project by Carlos D. Perales & Iñigo Ibaibarriaga

Sound serving your imagination
Acoustbl allows you to make music and handle the sound in a new and intuitive way, designing your own live sound and the mixturing within the tracks that you can play or record on the fly. You can mix yourself straight on an autonomous rec and play system. Effects on or off, graduate them, mix them, just explore your real or filtered sound.

Moreover, Acoustbl lets you add Acoustbl+ module, with which you can extend the possibilities of your instrument. Acoustbl+ is a sound gallery formed by the most important performers and instrumetalists of our time, they share their effects and resources with Acoustbl users. You will be accompanied by the sounds of Íñigo Ibaibarriaga, saxophones, Marc Tallet, electric guitar…
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A new way to make music
With an interface designed for live performance, Acoustbl gives the musician quick and precise access to all the instrument functionality at any time. Unlike other apps that try to approach to improvisation or apps designed for tactile or gestural issues, Acoustbl has been planned to bring an absolutely freedom to the performer into the design of their own live electronic language.


  • 8 samples with loop option. Waveform and progress bar visualization.
  • 4 live effects with graduations: PolyDelay (variations of filter, feedback, ring modulator, LFO, gain and reverb), Ring modulation (pitch graduation), PingPong (time and pitch modulation) and Flange (frequency and delay graduation).
  • 4 recording buffers. You can store your sound during 3, 5, 7 and 9 sec., by activating “shuffle” option starts an automaton fragmentation and pitch-shifting variations behavior. Waveform visualization.
  • Record into buffers through effects (bypass).
  • 4 bands EQ for the mic input.
  • Volume sliders for all resources in the app.
  • “Easy end” option, just with a click, you can gradually reduce to 0.0 dB all volumes, in 2 minutes
  • Record your final result to your hard drive.
  • Multitasking.
  • Sound track gallery, ready to use with Acoustbl+ (
  • User manual included.
  • Online support.


  • WAV and AIFF files supported.
  • Audiobus Input/Output or external devices.
  • iOS: iPhone (C74) and iPad (MIRA)

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