Sonogram and Virtual ANS (video)

Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller: Manufacturer Demo

Looks like a great idea except for the USB receiver part, at least in my book anyway. I would have thought that something like this could work over bluetooth.

You can find out more about the product here.

Don’t forget … 4Pockets Stompbox competition is still running

Rock out with Stompbox and WIN Prizes

The rules of the competition are simple, create a video 1 – 2 minutes long of you rocking out with your guitar. It can be your own composition, with a backing track or improvising or playing a popular riff. You must be able to clearly see StompBox on your iPad while you are playing. Upload your video to YouTube then complete the entry form below (closing date 19th November 2013).

1st Prize
$150 iTunes Gift Card
FREE copies of Meteor Multitrack Recorder, Synergy Studio and Aurora Sound Studio HD
iRig HD Digital Guitar Interface courtesy of IK Multimedia

3 Runners Up Prizes
$50 iTunes Gift Card
FREE copies of Meteor Multitrack Recorder, Synergy Studio and Aurora Sound Studio HD

Echo Pad + Voice Synth with Inter-App Audio (video)

Music App Blog: iFretless Sax review – Blue Mango blow some virtual iOS brass

I recently reviewed Blue Mango’s rather excellent iFretless Bass app. As it’s title suggests, this app provides a virtual bass instrument for iOS. The app has a sound palette that covers more than just fretless bass sounds (there are other electric basses, an acoustic bass and a few bass synths patches also) and the sounds […]

Click here for the original post from Music App Blog

NESComposer for Android

One for the retro types on Android …

NESComposer / FamiComposer let you bring 8-bits Studio Anywhere any place around with you!!
Create Classic 8-bits Chiptune Music.

Compose and Program Chiptune music with Text base in Music Macro Language ( MML ) which is alternative to Music Tracker
Enjoy Crystal Clear of original sound with original NES ( Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom ) sound chip emulation.
NESComposer / FamiComposer can be use as Memo pad for Musician so You can do Music notation every time!!


  • Original NES Sound Chip Emulation
  • VRC6, VRC7, NAMCO 106, FME-7 (SUNSOFT 5B) Sound Chip Emulation
  • DPCM Support
  • build-in .dmc files
  • Save & Load Music Score ( MML )
  • Upload And Share your music online via Social network (facebook, twitter) or email
  • Include Super Mario Bros. Music in Example!!
  • Add more Example Score From Final Fantasy 4, Gradius, Dragon Ball Z, Zelda, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Double Dragon and More!!

Available on the Google Play Store.

Voice Synth 3.1 brings IAA input/effect and more

The Voice Synth 3.1 update brings a lot of new things …

  • iOS7 inter-app audio input/effect support:
    • Use Voice Synth as input or effect in other inter-app hosts
    • Control Voice Synth remotely via inter-app MIDI
    • Control the host recorder remotely via Voice Synth
  • iOS7 inter-app audio hosting support:
    • Select inter-app input and effect
    • Record input directly into the sampler
    • Record the final result into the tape recorder
    • Operate Voice Synth’s tape recorder remotely from the input and effect
  • Voice Synth engine can now be used together with
    • sampler recording, to hear your live-transformed voice while recording
    • tape play, to sing live while playing an earlier recording
  • Re-enabling of audiobus on iOS7 (we recommend to use inter-app audio)
  • Note: iPhone 4 does not support inter-app audio and audiobus
  • Bugfix for use with VoiceOver on iPhone

Interesting use of ‘other inter-app hosts’, I suppose they mean Audiobus right?

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