Virtual ANS demo for iPad and Audiobus example (video)

iRig Pro Review – Unboxing and Epic Demo | IK Multimedia iOS Audio/MIDI Interface

Echo Pad Inter-App Audio Tutorial (video)

More news on Caustic Live from Musical Android

Musical Android, the go to source for Android music app news posts on the latest update on Caustic Live, the project that utilises Caustic Core for a more ‘live-centric’ performance interface for Caustic.

If you’re interested in Caustic for Android you should check this out as it has some interesting videos too.

Interesting information on noise and the Korg Volca delay circuit

If you’re a Volca user you might want to read this. There’s some good analysis in there.

Korg Volca Keys as a polysynth (video)

iSEMsound1012 (video)

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