Studio 2 is iOS7 compatible and more

Studio 2 updates. Here’s what’s new:

iOS 7 Compatible


  • Digital Audio Compatibility (Use Hardware Mics and Inputs like IK Multimedia iRig HD for Guitar Line-In recording into Studio 2)
  • Automation Data now included in export
  • Aux Send Knobs are back
  • Mono Track Aux Send levels are retained now
  • Added confirmation pop-up for wave view track deletion
  • Added more sample rate options


Johnny Murray – Bowed Heads Generation (video)

Via Discchord.


n-Track Studio comes to Android

Musical Android tells about this new multi-track for Android devices, and it sounds pretty good.

Main features

  • Unlimited tracks (the max number of tracks depends only on the device capabilities)
  • EQ with Spectrum analyzer and Sonogram
  • Import existing wave songs and clips
  • Automate track volumes using volume envelopes
  • Reverb, Echo, Chorus+Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Tube-Amp and Compression effects can be added to any track and master channel (8 effects pack available as separate In-App purchase)

So things keep getting better for Android users …

Available on the play store.


More notes from my iOS7 upgrade

Here are some more notes of what’s working and what isn’t under iOS7:

  • BeatMaker 2 seems fine
  • Xenon outputs loads of noise and appears to be broken. I can’t get it to play at all
  • MultiTrack DAW appears to play fine

That’s all for now. More soon …


    MUSIC 4.5 THE RISE OF VIDEO 26 November 2013, London

    26 November 2013, London


    Is video fuelling or cannabalising the music business model?

    With the number of internet video users set to reach two billion by 2017, and YouTube increasingly becoming ‘the mainstream music business’, video is becoming the main way to discover, consume and share music for consumers. Video is increasingly used as a fan acquisition and retention tool, driving ticketing technology, ticket sales, as well as merch & affiliate product sales. It is becoming the main tool for driving revenue and consumption.

    But is video really delivering real value and revenue to artists and songwriters? With an increasingly complex web of video networks, ad networks, Multi-Channel Networks, tracking usage and royalty data is becoming ever more challenging. What are the relationships and deals in place between the different players in the music and video eco-system? Who is benefiting from the lack of transparency?

    The increasing importance of video raises the bar for creativity to achieve cut-through and virality. Creative curiosity and experimenting with technology are starting to develop new formats of interactivity, exploring the boundaries of the internet medium. Creating and resurrecting performances – what is ‘live’, and ‘alive’? Is new holographic technology pushing the moral boundaries?

    At Music 4.5 The Rise of Video, we will be discussing some of the following questions:

    • is video the new audio?
    • with the growing importance of video, are we seeing a new role for labels as content programmers, and for radio and streaming services as curating content producers?
    • video offers new advertising, product placement and branded content opportunities for advertisers – how much of the music video is about the music vs the advertiser money?
    • is there a discrepancy in rights management between filming a live event and producing a promotional music video?
    • what is the interaction between audio streaming/video streaming/music downloads/social networking and ticketing?
    • are all the monetisation opportunities exploited, including serving all audience segments not just ‘the kids’, as music behaviours are changing across all generations and consumer segments?

    Tickets are available – register here…using promo code PALMSOUNDS for a 10% discount


      Performance Synth adds CoreMIDI and some stuff

      Performance Synth updates. Here’s what’s new:

      • Added basic CoreMidi support
      • Updates for iOS7
      • Misc bug fixes


      Twitter news from @HeartnSoulArt