If you’ve always wanted a Shruthi or another Mutable Instruments device then you might want to look into this

People often say that they like the idea of the Shruthi and other kits but are put off by the fact that they don’t have the skills for actually building the units.

I can understand this. I can be daunting. So I wanted to make people aware of the Trusted Builders list on the Mutable Instruments forum. The trusted builders are people who are skilled at making Shruthis or other mutable instruments kits. So if you’re interested in getting a kit made but either might struggle to make it yourself or just don’t have the time, you should check out this list, and my personal favourite on the list is Paul (who happens to be an old friend, but is also an excellent builder).

Volca beats/bass/keys/MS-20 mini/DelayLab Jam

Trinxat – Corol·lari (Live Remix)

Trinxat – Corol·lari (Live Remix) from Trinxat on Vimeo.

Made with ml(ive)r by Alex Augier and Conductr for iPad.

Korg Volca Beats and Keys Demo (video)

This is Arctic Pro – iPAD Synthesizer with BITE!

monotribe microsampled… (video)

GuitarJack 2 USB Unboxing (video)

Korg Volca Bass Demo, Is it Acid? (video)

A synthesizer and an application (video)

monotribe X8 – monoris / BakaOscillator

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