Game of the week

Ok, to be fair this is often my game of the week anyway as I really love Wave Trip, but especially as it has bits of Edinburgh in it as well. I mean, what else could you want? Generative music, Edinburgh, and it’s a game too.

Hardware from the past: The SS25

It was truly amazing when it first came out. In fact, I think it was a massive step forward. Of course, that was when the 30 pin connector was all you needed to work with. But as we’ve all learnt, Apple will change it’s hardware design and move on without warning so it becomes increasingly difficult to assess the longevity of these things. Which is a shame, and can stifle innovation.

Any suggestions for how the weekly round up could be better?

So, what could I do better on the weekly round up? Do you have any suggestions? Anything that really annoys you? Or, is it just totally amazing already? Whichever it is, please let me know.

The daily picture …

One of my fav ads for an app.

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