Dear Strange Agency, where are you?

I was listening to an old track I’d made using Donut from the Strange Agency and it made me wonder what they were up to these days. Seemingly, nothing. Which is a great shame in my opinion.

One of my favourite apps from them was Donut. I used it on this track for the vocal cut ups. I always found it a really interesting app to work with. In fact, I think that about a lot of their apps. Innovative is the word that comes to mind. Which is why it’s even more of a shame that they seem to have disappeared. I hope it’s just a brief time and not a permanent thing.

Of course I’d love to see all their apps updated with the usual things, but more than that I’d like to see them continue to innovate and bring new ideas to mobile music as they have done in the past.

Having talked about innovation in interface design only recently I think that the Strange Agency have been right up there with the best. So if you know them, or can find out what they’re doing and give them a gentle nudge to get back in the game, then please do. I’m sure it isn’t just me who’d be pleased to see a return of their always innovative and interesting blend of mobile music tools return.

So, Dear Strange Agency, please come back. We miss you!

Donut from the Strange Agency on the app store:

iPad version of Music Mixing Surface (early version – not available yet)

Video description:

Flexible and Creative Music Mixing Interface – implementing stage metaphor on the iPad.
This video shows the newest version where we explore how different challenges can be re-solved when trying to implement the stage metaphor for controlling many audio channels. Challenges include: providing effects controls, avoiding clutter, enhancing creative exploration, etc…

More information here.

Tenori-On Analog Sequencing (video)

Reminder: PUC, wireless MIDI for iOS devices, crowdfunding campaign

Just a little reminder of this indiegogo campaign.

How to create spooky music in Garageband for iPad

Now that was an impressive sale

TC-11 Synth Demo of Presets for iPad

Last day for applications to pitch at Music Tech Pitch 4.5


Music TechPitch 4.5 is a platform to enable startups specifically within the music-tech industry from all across Europe to showcase their business proposition to a relevant wider audience, including VCs, music industry professionals and experts, journalists, as well as other aspiring and successful music and tech entrepreneurs. This pitching event is a unique opportunity to build more awareness, receive productive feedback from an expert panel, and network with key music-tech industry players.

The evening pitch competition will show-case 8 new music-tech startups. Some of the startups will have participated in the TechPitch 4.5 Workshops, complimentary and open to European tech startups. Music TechPitch 4.5 brings together music-tech startups, music industry, investors, and entrepreneurs.

  • Music TechPitch 4.5 judges:
  • Marie Burmiston, Map Entertainment and Crush Music
  • Martin Kummer, Ministry of Sound
  • David Fisher, Edge Group
  • Mick Grierson, Goldsmiths Collge
  • Tom Frederikse, Clintons
  • Alan Wallis, Ernst & Young

Deadline: This Friday – 4 October 2013

By getting up on stage and pitching your business idea and model, in this case to the panel of experts we have put together for Music TechPitch 4.5, you will gain exposure and interest from both potential users and potential funders, as well as from media in general. And you get to practise and receive immediate feedback on your pitch.

The pitch session is not about achieving funding immediately, but gaining interest, making connections, and hopefully starting relevant discussions, so if you like the idea of pitching you will be good!

Pitches at 2Pears events are free-of-charge for the pitching companies, which means that the person pitching receives a complimentary ticket for the event. All other company members and interested parties will be required to purchase tickets at best available rate to attend the event.

What we need from you in order to confirm you are eligible to pitch and to make a fair selection of companies for Music TechPitch 4.5 is for you to download the application form and complete all questions on this form and submitting it by 27 September 2013 by email to

Tickets are available – register here…using promo code PALMSOUNDS for a 10% discount

London Hackspace Halloween themed open day on the 2nd of November

Sounds like it might be a fun way to get to know the hackspace. Full details of the event are here.

Korg Volca Keys Demo

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