Reactable Mobile New Features: Sequencer and Sampleplay Tutorial

Audiobus jam #4 (nOrmalization)


App Sound Tutorial GarageBand BluesRock (video)

Reactable Mobile 2.2 arrives

A major update which includes several new features including:

  • IOS 7 Compatibility update
  • Virtual Keyboard for live improvisation
  • Improved sequencer with flexible editor
  • New polyphonic Sampler format

  1. Complete redesign of the sequencer object: Create more complex musical ideas better than ever before, with increased available octaves from one to five, and the possibility of making different length notes inside your sequences. Which can now span into multiple bars giving you extra room for creativity. After you’re done you can navigate through them using the new user interface to scroll or jump directly to a specific location using the scroll bars. There is also a piano roll feedback for easy reference of the current sequence.
  2. New polyphonic sampler format inside the Sampleplay objects: Create new instruments and sound banks using your own samples. Simply assign each sample to its corresponding note and play them as usual, the intermediate steps get pitch shifted to their corresponding notes; each sampler has a polyphonic envelope control that allows you to modify the way these samples get played. You can also save the sound bank and reuse it in your future tables or download tables and increase your musical palette.
  3. Added virtual keyboard subpanel: New virtual keyboard panel allows you to instantly trigger notes. Use it in combination with the sampleplay objects to perform live or with the sequencer to compose musical phrases on the fly.
  4. Added bluetooth headphone setting: Go into settings and connect your paired bluetooth headphone with reactable mobile.

Other performance improvements and bugfixes.

Forest Frolic (KORG DS-10)

Audio Evolution Mobile 2.0 for Android

Looks like Nanoloop for Android is getting a big overhaul

Musical Android tells us about a big update to Nanoloop for Android. From this post it sounds like it’ll be a massive improvement on the current version.

I wonder if the same improvements are coming to the iOS version too?

TC-11 sale announced for the 3rd

Check the site, TC-11 will be on sale for one day only on the 3rd. Be ready!

SonicScan Touch is now universal

SonicScan Touch becomes universal too.

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