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A big happy 5th Anniversay to Yonac

I can’t believe it’s 5 years since Yonac first brought miniSynth to the app store. I can remember first playing with it, on a train in fact, and thinking that things were really starting to take off for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Since then Yonac have done amazing things and to celebrate, apart from putting lots of their great apps on sale, miniSynth 2 is free for a few more hours. So grab it, grab a bargain or two and celebrate a truly great developer who has been around since the start and keeps going from strength to strength.

All the best to the team at Yonac, and here’s to the next 5 years!

Find miniSynth 2 and lots of other great Yonac apps on the app store:

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Back in 2009: A surprise coming to Windows Mobile!

Well in 2009 as everything was moving more and more towards iOS (as it was to become) I didn’t expect to see 4Pockets announced Aurora for Windows Mobile. It was a complete surprise although not in any way unwelcome at all. I still have it on my Windows Mobile PDA. Read the original post on Aurora for Windows Mobile.
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Back in 2008: A first look at Yonac’s miniSynth

Yonac’s first ever iPhone app, miniSynth was an amazing step to see a little synth on your iPhone. You can read the original post (with video) here.