Cotracks launches this morning

A unique new collaboration app arrives this morning. Cotracks aims to make it simpler to work with multiple users on a single iPad. Here’s the app’s description:

Cotracks is a collaborative music studio for teamwork on a single iPad. With Cotracks you can create multiple layers of loops and phrases using multiple instruments. Cotracks is designed to maintain your creative flow and is always ready to capture your ideas, regardless whether you are flying solo or collaborating with others.

Collaboration is where Cotracks really stands out. Everyone in your session has the ability to play and record at will without disrupting or being disrupted by the workflow of others. This lets you lay down the foundation of a tune within minutes and makes Cotracks the perfect and inspiring tool for brainstorming new ideas within a group.

The loops you create may be exported as separate audio clips or as a mixdown audio clip which you may then import and use in any audio software supporting the common wave audio format.


You can start off creating music in a single user mode. Later when your friend decides to join in, you switch to a two user mode. The interface layout will adjust enabling convenient access to the application from both sides of the table. Whenever another friend happens to join you, the layout will adjust again enabling access from all four sides of the device, letting you team up with up to three friends for a super creative music session. Whenever one or more members leave the session, it is as easy as a single tap to switch back to the smaller team or to the single user mode, letting the remaining members continue from where the others left off.


Cotracks offers lots of fun at the same time for both novice and advanced musicians with the help of scale based keyboard, flexible quantize, sequence sharing and editing capabilities. For example, a novice musician may grab a copy of a complicated sequence played by a more experienced friend and edit the instrument, sound and effects, record modulation controllers over the sequence and tweak the various playback parameters including key and scale. Essentially creating something new and exiting without necessarily playing a single note. Cotracks is all about giving everybody the means to contribute, which takes the concept of music collaboration to a new level.

It’s like playing with a band, but this time you can record and play back your own parts, in perfect sync with others, and create the constituents for a great track at the same time. With Cotracks the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



  • up to 12 instrument tracks
  • beat synchronized playback and recording


  • comfortable access for multiple users
  • instruments may be arranged in multiple orientations
  • dedicated interface modes for single user, two users and four users
  • switch between interface modes with a single tap
  • access four instruments simultaneously
  • independent playback control constantly available for each instrument
  • keys and ribbon controllers for synthesizers
  • Futucraft’s dynamic beat synced repeater control
  • repeater lets you play and record complex beat synced rhythmic textures
  • XY-modulation control


  • nondestructive quantize and transpose
  • change the playback scale of recorded sequences
  • drag and drop copying of sequences between instruments


  • polyphonic synthesizer with dozens of high quality instrument presets
  • monophonic bass/lead synthesizer with dozens of high quality instrument presets
  • sample player with a library of professional quality samples from Inspire Audio
  • programmable XY-modulation
  • band-limited oscillators to ensure professional grade sound quality


  • stereo delay
  • stereo phaser
  • 2 equalizer units
  • dedicated units for each track


  • export each instrument to separate audio clip
  • export all in one audio mixdown clip
  • export and import sessions via iTunes in XML format for backup and sharing


  • on-screen help and tips
  • online support integrated in app
  • video tutorials

Cotracks has an initial launch sale of 50% off the normal price. So for this week you can get it for $4.99 (£2.99).

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