Studio 2 arrived yesterday and has updates already

When you first read the description of this app you might be a little taken aback by just how bold it is in it’s description. Here, take a look …

Studio 2 is light-years ahead of the competition and quite frankly, costs a fraction. Produce 96 tracks of HD music and vocals in Studio 2!


  • 96 Tracks! YES, NINETY SIX TRACKS! Create as many tracks up to 96 as your iOS device will let you.
  • Audiobus
    • (Use Audiobus Mic Input when AB app is open)
    • (Switch AB’s frames to 512 if stuttering occurs)
    • (Tap play to hear Audiobus audio on a record-enabled track)
  • Record audio and midi tracks in each session
  • Available reverb and delay effect sends for each track
  • Unlimited Songs
  • Beautiful Design
  • Import Audio from YouTube Videos
    • Tap Documents Button/New/YouTube and paste the link
  • Import Audio from Your Music Library
    • Documents/iPod Library
  • Import audio from your iTunes-Synced Documents Folder
  • Import audio from email
    • Tap/hold audio attachment and select open-in Studio 2
  • Record audio from thousands of online radio stations
    • Documents/New/NewTrack/Stereo
    • Set Online Radio as input and select a station
  • Quantize midi tracks to keep notes in sync
    • Tap Settings/Quantization
  • Tap and hold metronome button to reveal metronome UI
  • Tap and hold Input button to quickly reveal input plugin (BeatPad or Online Radio for example)
  • 118 BeatPad Kits available for download
  • Quick Punch Recording
  • Tap Docs button/NewTrack/Midi then set BeatPad as the input to create BeatPad midi tracks
  • Many features & updates to come!

So, after arriving yesterday, there’s already an update which is mainly fixes, but that promises more updates coming soon.

Studio 2 is priced at $9.99

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