Drum Space (universal) arrives

This drum app looks kind of interesting, here’s the description …

Drum Space is a totally new kind of percussion app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod/Touch. Most drum apps simply map drum sounds (samples) to pads that look like drums. Few take advantage of the full touch sensitive surface of the iPad and other iOS devices. Drum Space maps drum and percussion sounds to a 16×10 array of control pads placed in a 2-D “sound space” – left, right, foreground, and background. The sound space is a rendered as a colored “palette” of sound that can be played either by tapping the pad on the device or by MIDI control.

Over 170 high quality drum and percussion samples are included along with a number of sample drum setups to get you started. There are almost literally an infinite number of ways to arrange and play the instrument.

Core MIDI compatible. Future versions will support Audiobus.

It’s priced at $1.99

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