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Caustic 3.0 beta … some really awesome stuff in here

Caustic was already one of the best music making apps for Android, but version 3.0, which has now moved to beta brings even more goodness.

For any track you’re making you can add up to 14 machines of any type from the above.

My current favourite is the modular though, which has a huge range of possibilities available and is quite amazing when you start to get to grips with it.

But that’s not to say that the other new machines aren’t worth looking at, they are, and what you end up with is a huge array of choices for music making that haven’t been seen before in an Android app.

This is really going to be a great app for mobile musicians when it’s done, and I’m sure that the developer isn’t going to stop there either.

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Introduction to Bucephalus v2.0 for iOS

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microGranny how to use tutorial

microGranny how to use tutorial from standuino on Vimeo.

Standuino microGranny is pocket sized handmade granular sampler. It uses microSD card to store samples. You can adjust many parameters of the samples and trigger them by MIDI.
video by Felix Hüsken youtube.com/flx04
more info: standuino.eu/devices/instruments/microgranny/
buy: standuino.eu/buy/buy-fraangelico/


  • basic parameters of sound: pitch, crush, volume, start, cut, repeat
  • micro sampling parameters of sound: shift speed(+/-), loop length, shift mode (normal, random)
  • lfo parameters of sound: rate, amount, destination (pitch, crush)
  • instant loop feature
  • micro SD card slot (plays monophonic wav samples)
  • 8 presets (15 sounds each)
  • MIDI input (MIDI through by special connector)
  • intuitive interface
  • 3 digit 7-segment display to keep track of editing
  • 2 pots to tweak the parameters
  • mode switching buttons
  • 4 perfect response trigger buttons
  • hold button
  • 3.5mm jack output
  • volume trim-pot
  • size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
  • input voltage 9-12 V
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In case you missed it: Epic Tabletop tutorial

I posted this tutorial before, but whilst this is a really good overview of Tabletop I think that it might be helpful to point out a few places in the video that you might want to jump in at if there are specific areas that you’ve never got to grips with in Tabletop.

10:20: To get a view on the triggerator for creating a song structure.
19:30: Useful stuff on recording automation with tabletop
20:40: Recording live instruments and vocals
26:20: Exporting
28:15: MIDI learn

Of course, as I already said this is a great tutorial, and the whole thing is worth watching, but if there are elements you want to brush up then the above points might be worth checking out.

Tabletop on the app store:

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And lastly … Getting the hang of Mixtape Alpha (sort of)

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Modular Synthesizer for iPad/iPhone (MusicApps.com.br)

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In case you missed it: Modular from Pulse Code Inc has arrived …

In fact it arrived about midnight in the UK, but by now should be there fore most. Here are the details …

Modular is an advanced synthesizer environment with richly detail graphics and incredible sound for your iPhone 4S or newer, iPod Touch 5th generation or newer, and iPad 3rd generation or newer.

Modular offers you the ability to build your own synthesizer, the way you want to. At the same time, modular is a great tool for learning how analog subtractive synthesis works.

By separating each synthesis process, modules can be connected in any way. You are no longer limited to synthesizers designed by others, you are now in full control of your sound. This is the beauty and power of modular synthesis.
Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give you the familiarity and features that musicians want such as pulse width modulation, oscillator sync, 4 pole ladder filters, and 1v/oct filter tracking.
Traditional modular systems cost $$$$ where modular is free. In-app purchases give you access to advanced modules. Owning a module means you own as many as you can fit in the modular rack. Do you want to build a monster 6 oscillator synth? You can.


  • Analog sound
  • Bandlimited oscillators
  • Oversampled filters
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Dynamic workspace
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Controls that give detailed values such as filter frequency in Hz and oscillator tuning in semitones
  • Minimal menu interface
  • Keyboard with 10 octave range
  • Arpeggiator
  • In app help and tutorials
  • Audiobus support
  • Soundcloud export
  • CoreMIDI support
  • Record live performance
  • Email recordings
  • Import / export patches via iTunes file sharing
  • Background Audio

And it’s free! There’s an IAP that is very competitively priced. Download it and take a look.

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Dirty Electronics Ear-Piece, a workshop and performance on Saturday 14 September

So, if you’re around the Peak district (which is lovely part of the country) you should get along to this workshop by the great Dirty Electronics Ensemble.

The details are here.

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A bit more Mixtape: Mixtape Alpha playing, sort of …

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JamUp XT Guitar Amazing Grace