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Tabletop for iPad Tutorial – Learn Tabletop App by Retronyms

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Fund Mixtape Alpha’s last production run

I’ve posted about the Mixtape Alpha from Open Music Labs, the people who’ve just brought out the MIDI Vampire synths. Well they’ve sold out of the very unique Mixtape Alpha, and so they’re looking for funding for another batch.

Here’s the link. Take a look, they’re quirky, they’re fun.

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Arduino Yun now available

I’m very tempted to get one, but it’s probably not a good idea that I do at the moment.

You can read about the Yun and get one over at the Arduino site.

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Last day of Cubasis sale

Today is the last day of the Cubasis sale I believe, so get it while it’s a bit cheaper.

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iConnectMIDI2+ Powering options

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iConnectMIDI2+ Powering

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UltraPhaser (video)

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GuitarJack 2 USB … it’s coming …

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C3N.play Tutorial (video) … you have to watch this ..

Looks like fun. I do like these kind of unusual interface concepts. I think that this will be great to use when it comes out.

Video description:

“C3N.play is an iPad music app beyond listening. It allows you to freely compose performances from loops on an infinitely large surface.”

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Twitter news from @SteinbergMedia