So, what do we expect from tomorrow’s Apple event?

There are plenty of rumours around, so I thought I’d round up a few and see what you think …

  1. There’s going to be a new iPhone and it’ll be called the 5S.
  2. The new iPhone will be 6″.
  3. It’ll have a faster processor
  4. The home button will have a fingerprint scanner
  5. Apple will release a budge iPhone
  6. There will be a range of colour options for the new iPhone or the budget version
  7. Apple TV will be updated
  8. There’ll be new iPads / iPad Mini etc

And here are a few more extreme rumours from me (for extreme read silly) …

  1. Apple announce Logic for the iPad, (yeah, I don’t really think so either)
  2. A new feature for OSX Mavericks will be that all iOS apps will run on your Mac
  3. Apple announces that it’s buying Audiobus!
  4. Apply buys Blackberry and discontinues iOS completely.

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