Vox Wooah for iPhone arrives

This looks interesting …

“Vox Wooah” is the truly unique app, it is one of the most powerful vocal processing tools with Csound core for iPhone.

The app transposes the input pitch by desired interval and ads it to the original voice.

Unlike many other vocoders and harmonisers, using which you have no access to precise settings and no control over the interval change across singing, “Vox Wooah” offers you both!

It feels as if you were holding the second singing yourself in your hand.

  • This software gives you the possibility to adapt it to your own voice, adjust the analysis parameters like FFT size, window size and type, overlap.
  • You can choose to preserve formants as well! With the right parameters + formant preservation your transposed voice will sound not as a funny pitch shifted joke, but as truly yours.
  • You can change the pitch shifted interval on flight with just tapping the corresponding button. It is very well possible to rehearse the sequence of tapping couple of times and turn your deceive into a real back vocalist.
  • One of the most intelligent implementations of the program is that you can approach 11 macro tonal scales. This means – you can divide the octave not just in twelve equal steps (standard piano tuning), but into any amount of those from two to twelve. This is truly fantastic possibility for approaching, so called, world music.
  • The mix of the transposed voice is controlled with internal gyroscope, simply said, it is attached to the motion of your hand in the air.
  • The app features fantastic layout and is made to be comfortable + friendly tool for a contemporary singer.

You can use your iPhone headphones for testing the app, rehearsing as well in the worst case, but for the real performance you will need a head microphone and an iPhone input – output splitter which is a very cheap gadget and can be purchased in some land based music stores as well as on the internet.

Works with iPhone 4s and higher, and it’s free.

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