Alchemy Mobile songwriting contest

This contest has got some really amazing prizes and you’ve got until the end of this month (September) to enter.

Full details of the contest are on the Alchemy site.


AKAI iMPC / Ipad Music Session


Nice Yellofier update

Yellofier updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Allow recording into an additional user soundbank:
    • Switch between user bank A/B with selector in RECORD/SLICE screen.
    • Switch between user bank A/B with the soundbank button in pattern edit screen.
  • Allow pitch transpose of each step to create melodies:
    • Hold step to popup transpose value, drag up/down to adjust.
  • Allow pause/resume while recording.
  • Improved design of RECORD/SLICE screen.
  • Allow tapping the loop-symbol directly to toggle looping mode.
  • Use long-press to preview samples in the pattern edit screen.
  • Don’t reactivate app in the background in some cases.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.


CDM tells us about: Patchfield Architecture … Android Gets Patchable Audio

This post from CDM looks like a very promising step forward for Android music, although according to CDM it isn’t perhaps end user ready. Even so, I might have a look and see what I can make of it.


Audiobus updates for iOS7, but there’s more coming …

Audiobus updates to work with iOS7 but that’s all for this release.

However, here’s what they say that they have in store:

With iOS 7 just around the corner, we’ve just released an update to the Audiobus app that addresses some issues. We highly recommend updating now to stay compatible with our community of apps.

We’ve been working hard at Audiobus HQ on a significant Audiobus app update (among other things!). Keep your eyes peeled for these in our next update: Audiobus connection presets, multi-channel input device support, and a third thing that we’ll tell you about later on.

Via the Audiobus blog.


New expansion pack for iMASCHINE

RAW WORKS is the third in a growing series of signature Artist Expansions exclusive to iMASCHINE.


Novation // Launchkey Mini: play your music – anywhere (video)