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DMT 48 – Ryan Rauscher, Future Music Camp

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New Junglator Beta video

You can watch the video here, sorry I don’t seem to be able to embed it at all.

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DMT 44 – Mix-Linzer, CEO of Tracks and Fields

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DMT 42 – Susan Bonds, 42 Entertainment

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Last day of Yamaha 50% off sale

Don’t forget that the Yamaha 50% off sale only has until the 1st of September, so if you’ve left it until the last minute, please be aware that the last minute is sort of now.

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Twitter news from @omeniesoftware

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Birds Cry by Mood481


spring leaving — birds cry, fishes’ eyes fill with tears Matsuo Basho, 1687 Composed and produced on my iPad for the iOS Music Community Vocal FX Challenge: http://iosmusic.org/forum/vocal-fx-challenge

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Tunnel Vision (iPhone Mix)- Unreleased by charlienorth


Created entirely on the iPhone 4s whilst traveling through France. Apps used: Nanostudio Alchemy Figure AudioShare

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DMT 41 – Wired Magazine

“an extensive interview with Frank Rose, journalist, author and currently contributing editor at Wired magazine”

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DMT #62 – Yangaroo

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