Gestrument LE arrives

 If you were wondering about getting Gestrument, but didn’t want to spend the money, now you can try out Gestrument LE for just $0.99. Here’s what to expect:

Gestrument LE – the revolutionary gesture instrument! Swipe your finger to play – it has never been easier to make music!

Gestrument received the Innovation Prize in culture 2012 from the City of Stockholm.

Developed by Jesper Nordin ( and Jonatan Liljedahl (

  • Play and compose music with the swipe of your finger
  • Generate music within defined scales and rhythms
  • Play with the internal GM sound bank, to use costum soundfonts or to control other MIDI devices or Apps, you can buy the full version of Gestrument
  • Download new presets from or buy the full version of Gestrument to make your own
  • Record what you play to audio and MIDI file
  • Export recordings to AudioShare – audio document manager
  • Copy recordings with AudioCopy
  • Play back previous recordings, optionally looping
  • Use Gestrument as a source synth in Audiobus or JACK
  • Allow mixing with other apps, for example play a track in the Music app and play along with it in Gestrument.
  • Hold (sustain) toggle let you play on other apps while Gestrument is still playing in the background

Improvise or compose within predefined scales and rhythms. Use parameters like pulse density, scale morphing, rhythm randomness or pitch fluctuation to find new paths for your musical expression and creativity. Use the tutorials and presets to fit the musical style you want to play and compose in. Play on up to eight instruments at once – all with different individual settings.

Gestrument works equally well for rhythmic music or sweeping soundscapes, for solo melodies or chord blocks, for long lines or short staccatos. It can help you make music in whichever genre you can imagine.

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