a few seconds of casio vl-10 (and nils)

“Just playing a it with casio vl-10 and nils chop filter. Though I would hit record.”

Volca Beats , Volca Bass , Volca Keys , and Monotribe -Strapped

Miroslav Philharmonik soundpack for iPad SampleTank Sound Demo

Pioneer New Controller DIGITAL DJ-WeGO2

Video description:

Aspiring DJs can mix on the move with the compact Digital DJ WeGO2 (DDJ-WeGO2) console, which boasts all the easy-to-use features of the original Digital DJ-WeGO (DDJ-WeGO) plus the ability to access and mix with tracks on their iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

You can find a bit more detail at AppleInsider

Gestrument for the iPhone

Gestrument goes universal and so much more

A huge update for the already excellent Gestrument. Here’s what’s new:

  • Universal, now also runs on iPhone and iPod touch!
  • Allow flipped ranges by swapping min/max for pitches or durations
  • Many new presets
  • Replaced default soundfont with a stripped down version for better performance
  • Add help page about avoiding audio glitches
  • JACK support
  • Improve lo/mid/hi quality setting. Can now change while connected to Audiobus or JACK and doesn’t need a restart of the synth engine
  • Keep running in background when ‘hold’ is toggled
  • Show alert if soundfont is missing when loading patch
  • Don’t allow preset to turn on/off internal synth while we’re recording
  • Don’t re-show tutorial text after visiting editor

Yamaha sale has 2 days to go

Don’t forget that the Yamaha 50% off sale only has until the 1st of September, so if you’ve left it until the last minute, please be aware that the last minute is sort of now.

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