Guess what’s coming to Android …

Music Maker Jam is coming to Android for free on Google Play. The Smartphone and Tablet App is optimized for Android 4+ touch devices and is one of the most successful Apps on the Windows 8 Store. 
MAGIX Music Maker Jam’s playful approach to music means everyone can start jamming! Music Maker Jam is now available in 11 languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese.
The user experience has been redesigned for Android, and now includes new features and an intuitive, familiar interface. The smartphone version has been designed to allow full functionality even on small resolution devices. The starter content package has loops from four different genres: Hip Hop, Berlin Minimal, Electric Jazz, and Rock Ballads. 
The next App update will give users access to dozens of other musical styles, available for purchase on Google Play.
A highlight of the Android version release is its new “shake feature.” By shaking the device, random loops will replace what you’ve been working with. This little bit of random activity is a great way to push past a creative block. Other functions include touch and swipe controls of the soundboard as well as easy recording, exporting, and sharing of user created tracks.
App Highlights and Included Features:
  • Four free soundpools with professionally produced loops: Hip Hop, Minimal, Rock, & Jazz
  • A step sequencer which allows for easy harmony adjustment
  • The ability to record/edit songs in real time while adding sound enhancing effects
  • An eight-track 8 loop mixer for easy, complete song mixing
  • A board which provides clear overview of all tracks selected including defined song details.
  • Customizable background images
  • A “shake” function to explore new loops
  • A “tilt” function to adjust saturation levels on the effects board  
  • The ability to combine different styles of music with the loop selector
  • The ability to record and live edit tracks, save as an audio file, and share with friends

So, there’s something to look forward to on your Android device!

SeekBeats 1.0 introduction video

So, here’s the second code fro SeekBeats:


Hope you enjoy it!

A huge thank you to Rugoso for the codes. If you didn’t get one then do check out the app anyway. It’s great.

1st SeekBeats Promo Code available

The first SeekBeats promo code is:


Good luck, and enjoy to whoever grabs it.

There’ll be another code coming along at 11:15pm (GMT).

Steinberg Cubasis Latency Control & KORG DW8000

SeekBeats Promo code give away coming up (please read for how to get them)

I have 2 promo codes to give away for SeekBeats, the new app from the maker of the excellent TweakyBeat. The promo codes will be released here on the blog at 10:45pm and 11:15pm (GMT) exactly. Codes won’t be made available on twitter although a tweet will be tweeted when the posts for the codes are made. However, as it sometimes takes a few minutes for those tweets to go out it’s worth looking here first.

It’s a first come first served thing, so if you don’t get one I’m really sorry, but I only have the two to give away.

So, stay tuned for 10:45pm and 11:15pm (GMT).

Omenie have a new corporate identity and I really like the reasoning behind it

If you want to know more about this, you can read about it here.

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