Synth & Dr Pad + Loopy jam #1 (h╬ąpotonic mEmories)

Live jamming with Korg Volca Bass, Maschine, Quneo, Ableton

Making music with Yamaha PSS-270 & iOS Apps

From the app archive: Aardvark Synth

From back in 2011 and still fun to a degree.

DRUM PADS 24 – Live jam with Electro preset

Artiphon Instrument 1 at SF Tech

KORG Volca Beats Jack in FBQ800(BEHRINGER)

Now that Cassini for iPad is all on the bus …

I’m wondering if Xenon could get some long overdue attention. What do you think? What would be on your wishlist for Xenon?

ALL KORG ACID JAM #9 (video)

Loving AUFX:Dub

I’ve just been playing about with the presets in Kymatica’s second app in the AUFX series and I love it so far. The sheer range of effects that you can get out of this app is amazing.

I was already impressed with its predecessor AUFX:Space, but Dub moves up a pace with a great range of controls which are well demonstrated by the out of the box presets.

I can’t image what Kymatica will pull out for the next app in the series.

If you don’t know the app already then I’d recommend it as a great FX app for your Audiobus routes.

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