A new app from the maker of TweakyBeat, here comes SeekBeats and I think it’ll be awesome!

And there’s a fantastically descriptive write up on the app store:

“PLEASE NOTE: iPhone 4S or faster required!!! My newest drum machine, synthesized no samples.”

SeekBeats is priced at $2.99.

Using Werkbench/FunkBox/Sunvox together

The amazing Caustic 3.0 moves from alpha to beta

I haven’t had nearly enough time to play with this Android app, but my first impressions of the alpha were that it really is pretty amazing. So hearing from Musical Android that it has moved into beta already is great news.

This is going to be an amazing app and it’ll set a new standard for Android music making.

Uber Synth (video)

Chordion Demonstration with OP-1

Mr Concretedog’s live rig

Well there’s some lovely things in there aren’t there. Including his very nice matrix mixers.

DrumPads24 TEST PLAY #1 (video)

Music App Blog reviews AUFX:Space

Another review from Music App Blog, this time he reviews AUFX:Space, which is an excellent app in my opinion.

Audio Looper (video)

What’s coming to nils …

The new chop filter coming to nils …

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