Pictures of the new iVCS3

A huge thank you to Josue Arias for letting me post these pictures of the new iVCS3 alongside a real EMS Synthi AKS.

Please take a look at Josue’s facebook page which is where the pictures came from.

It shouldn’t be too long to wait for the app to come along as it’s due next month.

From the land of the long wait list: Tympanum Preview 2

Brilliant news! Aurora Sound Studio for iPhone is on the bus!

This is superb news. The original Aurora Sound Studio from 4Pockets is now on the bus. I’m so happy!

From the land of the long wait list: Tympanum Preview 1

Still hopeful that this might become a reality at some point in the future.

Another picture of the lovely serial adapters from miniMusic

Computer Music Specials are 50% off for now

All their specials are 50% off for a limited time and well worth a look. Thought you’d like to know.

From the app archive: Pianofly Pro Synth Demo

From the app archive: Pianofly Intro

Another video of miniMusic’s Pianofly for iOS, which was based on the excellent krikit sound engine.

The SG20 expansion module

And not only does it give you audio via a 3.5mm jack out on the module, but you can connect it to this expansion module and get MIDI and stereo audio out.

Just in case you didn’t know what it was …

It’s an SG20 in all its glory! A little sound module that clips onto an old Palm PDA giving it amazing music making abilities!

I love this.

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