iConnectivity bring their iConfig app to the store

iConnectivity iConfig is a companion app to iConnectivity’s MIDI interfaces. iConnectivity iConfig provides access to some sophisticated MIDI features in the iConnectivity MIDI interface connected to your system, as well as the audio settings. It allows you to save and open complete routing and processing Snapshot files that make working with sophisticated systems very simple. You can name inputs, route MIDI selectively, and process MIDI in various ways.

And, it’s free.

Tweakybeat still 50% off

Tweakybeat is still only $0.99 at the moment. If you don’t have it as yet then you should grab it as it’s a lovely little drum machine / synth.

DIRTI for iPad, because we do need a tapioca interface for iOS

DIRTI for iPad – The soundscapes from User Studio on Vimeo.

This looks like a great way to engage in a very physical way with soundscapes on the iPad.

Via Creative Applications.

Auria LE is also on sale

Auria LE is also 50% for now, so if you were going to get it, now might be a good time.

Auria still 50% off off for now

Auria is still 50% off off at the moment with the price down to $24.99.

KORG Volca Bass Synth params 1 (video)

Korg Monotribe, track made with the Korg Monotribe all sounds from the Monotribe

KORG Volca Beats und ext sync (video)

Figure 1.5 arrives

A few good things come to Figure:
• Share songs with your friends via email
• Send songs to other apps with file capabilities
• Backup and restore your songs in iTunes File Sharing
• Figure has a new song file format. Your old songs will be converted the first time you run it.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 bundle is amazing value

Well, considering if you add up all the stuff included (see pic above). If I didn’t have one already I’d take advantage of this €849 offer at their store.

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