Remember Paper Piano? Well now there’s Paper Piano Pro!

Remember that app Paper Piano? Well there’s a pro version now. I still like the idea of it to be honest.

Here’s the description:

Are you ready to play piano on paper with 9 instruments? Paper Piano Pro is the ultimate app for that! The pro version of the app uses highly and more advanced algorithms to give you a unique and real experience. Just print a PDF file, put your phone on the paper, and watch how the magic happens: it works like a charm, and it can detect all of your fingers at the same time.

If you would like to see where are the boundaries of the technology nowadays, you definitely must check out Paper Piano Pro.

You can use several instruments to make fun sounds: Piano, Woodblock, Synth Drum, Clarinet, Music Box, Trumpet, Organ, Phone, Voice

And it’s only $1.99

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