iOS Update – Vol. 50 AirTurn DIGIT and Yellofier App

Remembering Physynth

I hadn’t used this in ages and was just remembering how good it was for just having a play, and the UI is beautiful to say the least. To be fair it isn’t going to cut it against Thor or Nave or Magellan, but it’s fun for a play with the physics, so I thought I’d remember it once more.

QuNexus – CV to Modular Demo

KORG Volka Keys , Bass & Beats (video)

Sonic Touch 24 – Thor and CME Xkey

Grain Bastard – MD, OP-1, Samplr, AUFX:Dub

Grain Bastard – MD, OP-1, Samplr, AUFX:Dub from Grain Bastard on Vimeo.

Bleep (iPhone chip-esque drum machine app) is on the bus!

Great to see an iPhone app on the bus, especially something like this lovely little app. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus support
  • Complete sound engine rebuild
  • Performance Optimized

Uber Synth for iPad Demo and Tutorial

Jel plays QuNeo @ the “Late Pass” release party…

Jel plays QuNeo @ the "Late Pass" release party…

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