Conductr arrives!

CONDUCTR is the first Ableton Live controller for iPad SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR LIVE PERFORMANCE: a whole new concept, based on functionality, adaptability and intuitivity.
CONDUCTR is ERGONOMIC (4 different view modes: you only see what you want to see), MODULAR (you can create as many User Modules as you want), EXPANDABLE (upcoming System Modules to customize it to the max) and SMART (it takes maximum advantage of multitouch technology: you can even play it without watching the iPad).

CONDUCTR’s interface is ergonomic: it ADAPTS TO YOUR NEEDS and can be changed up to 4 different view modes at any given time, even while playing live.

CONDUCTR features 3 System Modules (Clips, Mixer and Master) and as many User Modules as you want. You can control up to 5 parameters from any device and any track featured in your Ableton Live set on each User Module.

CONDUCTR IS EXPANDABLE: it will grow within a short time with upcoming new System Modules.

Oh, and you can even play it… WITHOUT WATCHING THE IPAD!

WARNING: CONDUCTR is a software controller. It doesn’t produce any sound by itself.


  • Ableton Live 8.2.6 or higher.
  • Mac OSX 10.6 or higher / Windows XP or higher.

CONDUCTR WORKS WIRELESS, so you will need to install the Conductr Server software in your computer. Download it for free at


When you are playing live, you don’t really need to see EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. The CONDUCTR interface is flexible and can be adapted to your specific, moment-to-moment needs in order to show only the elements you want to focus on.

  • 4 different view modes: 4, 3, 2 or 1 views on screen.
  • View modes can be changed on the fly according to any momentary need.
  • Each view can contain 1 module.
  • Modules can be changed on any view while playing.


  • Clear and simple clips grid with scene side launchers and both individual tracks and master stop buttons.
  • Simply drag the grid with two fingers to find the clips you are looking for!
  • Clip and loop evolution bars.
  • SHIFT mode to give you fast access to tracks and Master Volume and Mute.
  • LINK function to hook up the Clip module and the Mixer module’s horizontal touch scroll.


  • Clear and simple control of each track’s Volume and Mute.
  • Smart faders.
  • High-resolution clip peak meters with ultra-low latency.
  • SHIFT mode for fast access to each track’s Pan smart crossfader and Solo and Record buttons.
  • LOCK/UNLOCK Master Volume function.
  • Track’s volume LIMITER function.
  • LINK function to hook up the Mixer Module and the Clip Module’s views.


  • Clear and simple Module including: Master Volume, Cue Volume, A/B Crossfader, and transport controls.


  • Create as many User Modules as you want.
  • Each User Module can contain up to 5 parameter controllers from any device on any track featured in your Ableton Live set.
  • 4 different control interfaces: faders, crossfaders, buttons and quantized scales.
  • User Modules can be created on the fly by surfing and selecting any of your set’s parameters on the iPad or through the LEARN feature.
  • User Modules can be quickly edited at any time, even while playing.
  • RESET feature: create parameter’s values memories and recover them whenever you want.

Fastest and easiest module set up ever!

  • Add any parameter to any User Module by simply moving it on your desktop software set.

Play your User Modules without watching the iPad!

  • Control different User Module parameters depending on how many fingers you use anywhere on the screen.


  • Impulse and acceleration detection system.
  • Automatic snap to 0 dB and silence.


  • Upcoming new System Modules.

Conductr is priced at $21.99

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