ZMors Synth/Sequencer Demo For iPad (video)

Dynamics Effects in Auria

Video description:

“In this video I am explaining expander/gate and compressor built into the channel strip. This is one of my videos for the assignments for the online course “Introduction to Music Production” over at”

Canon (prog) rock (video)

“A wireless MIDI test of Pachelbel’s little tune through the Mellotronics M3000 running on an iPad 2. A peculiarly metronomic version of Pachelbel’s little tune, but recognisable.

Captured on an Elgato Game Capture HD at 108p, downsampled to 720p, as the Elgato’s native 720p capture is pretty ugly.

This is a slightly newer version of the M3000 than is in the store for review, that one plays MIDI the same as this but doesn’t show which keys are being played over MIDI. So as soon as we have Apple approval for the current version I will push this as an update. Inching is set to 1 here to get a slightly more bitey attack on the sax in particular.”

Ribbon & Strings 2013 from Dirty Electronics

Ribbon & Strings 2013 from Dirty Electronics on Vimeo.

New Open Music Labs Mini x0xb0x

BPOW!!! Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop – Aug 10-11, 2013 (a video snapshot)

BPOW!!! Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop – Aug 10-11, 2013 from Molecule Synth on Vimeo.

Great to see a few clips of how the event went.

#6 – Tharsis [live guitar looping – iPad to iRig to Boomerang III]

WeJaam Bass Line (video)

After a very long time I started using Jasuto again

And it made me realise what an amazing thing this would be if you could route it into Audiobus. How amazing would that be?

It’s such an enormous shame that it’s been neglected for such a long time.

KORG DS10 “Won’t Let Go”

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