Pocket Audio Tools (video)

Video description from Apps4iDevices:

“Coming August 21 on iPhone for $1.99.

This is a small but really useful application…

When I downloaded Pocket Audio Tools, my first word was Hallelujah!

You’ll find four small modules in this application

The first is a tempo calculator.
Indicate your sample’s time and the number of beats to know what tempo it is. Simple, but so useful!

The second module is called SMPTE and once again, it impressed me, very useful… It’s a calculator for adding and subtracting SMPTE timecodes and Frames. Great, for instance for movie soundtrack composers.

Modulation is the third module of this App.
Have you ever made a song that includes several time signatures?
For example, a verse in 4/4 and a chorus in 3/4 or 3/3? (Kasabian’s Fire is a good example of this.)
To make the transition as “good” as possible, we generally have to find a common tempo for the 2 parts, working from the quarter or 1/8th beat.
With this module, you will find it in 2 seconds. Great!

The last module is like the previous one, a Must Have. It’s name: Frequency.
What is the Midi number of a A#4?
C-1 = 0
C0 = 12
C4 = C0 x 5 = 60
A#4 = 60 + 10 = 70

And what is its Frequency?

If you don’t like maths, I know you’ll enjoy this App…”

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