Project – MONOTRON Acid Thing

Video Description:

“An old project, revived from the dead for a Monotron experiment. This synth was originally a TB-303 clone (known as the FB383), which I sadly killed after getting carried away with some modifications some years back 🙁
I recently managed to bring it back to life, and despite the permanently damaged tuning scale, it’s been successfully combined with a Monotron!

So – The Monotron is triggered by various points inside the tb-303 clone. Non provide accurate pitch tracking, but I can tap into the envelopes, gate & various other interesting spot’s.

The fun really happens when the Monotron is used as a modulator, to disrupt and screw around with the 303’s internal systems. There’s alot of weird modulation and bypassing going on with this machine, the best sounds are thanks to the ‘Rezzy/Acid FM’ on the 303, which I shamelessly copied from It really is an amazing sound! Kudos to CBUK.

Sounds ace when the Monotron is used as the modulation source for the FM mod, and at various point’s in the vid I’m using digital drums, sent through the Monotron, to act as the modulator.
The result is some fierce acid distortion and noise damage….

This is a ‘work in progress’. Definably needs some more work, but the initial results are promising 🙂

Big thanks Mark for your generous gift of the Monotron :)”

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