Sound Lab: Making it work

Another more recent (this week) session at Sound Lab. Refining configurations for testing out with some users in this session.

The staff at Heart n Soul seemed to get a lot out of the ‘beats’ table / zone. We used Loopseque, iKaossilator, bebot and Thumbjam.

More testing out of the ‘beats’ zone

So I think we’re nearly there with the sound lab. Of course it’ll be a question of seeing what works on the day.

Voice Synth is on the bus now and much more

A big update for Voice Synth. Here’s all that’s new:

  • Background and inter-app audio with Audiobus input, effect and output slot
  • Sampler with unlimited duration record/import, pinch & zoom, hold, extensive trigger methods
  • Audio Route settings panel with noise gate, input & output mute/volume, engine clear and bypass
  • Pro settings panel with keyboard hold/polyphonic, disable intro sound, allow live mode always and auto-extend panels
  • 4″ retina graphics
  • VoiceOver support
  • Auto engine sleep to save battery power
  • Stroboscopic vocoder gating to sample and hold your voice spectrum live, with 10 new “STROBO” factory presets
  • Small improvements in Repeat Mode response, Robot Vocoder fricatives clarity, channel selectivity of stereo Audio Docks

Tape by Focusrite for iPad arrives and it’s free

A nice looking retro recorder from Focusrite. Simple, straightforward and free.

Tape. Classic style recording with contemporary functionality – for iPad.

Tape is a beautiful recording solution, with easy to use 2-track recording, instant mastering, customisable tape artwork and social media connectivity.

Record from the inbuilt iPad microphone or any Core Audio compliant audio interface (including products from the Focusrite iTrack and Scarlett product ranges), and instantly add polish with one button mastering. Then simply add a title and album artwork and share online with friends and fans via Soundcloud.

Key Features

  • Record two separate inputs, or link them as a stereo pair
  • Use the meters to ensure input levels are just right
  • Plug and play support for Core Audio Compliant audio interfaces (including the Focusrite iTrack Solo and Scarlett range)
  • Low latency monitoring allows you to listen to your performance as you record
  • Apply mastering effects and instantly improve your recording
  • Keep time with an adjustable metronome
  • Apply a custom title and image to your music via Soundcloud (free Soundcloud account required)
  • Works on iPad 2, iPad (3rd gen), iPad (4th gen), iPad mini and above
  • Support for iOS 6 and above

Things I’d like to see updated …

Sprak! Still love it. Noises abound …

Windows Mobile App of the day: Sunvox

It isn’t just for iOS, it isn’t just for Android and the desktop, oh no, it still runs on the lovely old Dell Axim and Windows Mobile.

Go take a look ..


Palm OS App of the Day: ranDRUM

Ok, this one is one of mine. One of the few Palm OS apps I wrote. One day I might even update it so it could do a bit more.

It’s been a while since I mentioned this idea …


What about an app that could hold, move / transfer and share patches from any synth app? A bit like AudioShare but for patches? That would be so useful! It would be amazing! Here’s a rough outline of what I’d like it to do:

  • Save patches from any synth app
  • Back up patches / banks to dropbox or another cloud service
  • Share / publish patches to social media sites

And if I’m really honest I’d like to see:

  • The ability to move a patch from one synth app to another

So, is it even vaguely possible? Would you use it?

Anyone up for even thinking about it?

From the app archive: Mujik

I still love this little app from the people who made Wave Trip. Worth remembering.

Mujik - Lucky Frame

One of my favourite comparison pictures

But I’m thinking I should take one including the VL-10 as well.

Adult Teeth – An interview with MyOneManBand

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