Building an ecosystem around your app

I was thinking about Caustic (the production version and the version 3.0 alpha) and then more recently about CausticLive (via Musical Android), and other posts from Musical Android too.

Caustic has in many ways created a real ecosystem around itself. Which is a very clever move. It’s done this using:

  • The Caustic app itself
  • Caustic content packs of presets and the like
  • CausticCore / Caustic SDK (although these are somewhat secretive)

This is something of an achievement for an app in a market like Android where there aren’t too many music apps. Although perhaps it is for just that reason that Caustic has been able to develop this ecosystem.

In some ways Audiobus has done this although this is really the point of Audiobus. The only other thing that comes close(-ish) is AudioShare which has it’s own SDK. So really I can’t think of anything like Caustic in the iOS world, and not just because of the current alpha release and the awesomeness of the modular machine in it.

I think it would be great to see more apps have their own ecosystems or even shared ecosystems. I do like a good venn diagram.

So, those are my thoughts. Does it make sense to anyone else?

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