A quick look at Caustic 3.0 Alpha

So, we start off with a nice entry and an invitation to add machines into our track. 

And aren’t there some lovely machines to add in. Most notably the new modular and the vocoder machines, but for me the modular is the most interesting of all.

And how cool is it. When you open up the modular machine you get a tabbed view of elements to add into your modular, starting with the osc. panel.

Followed by some envelope choices.

Some very nice filter options including a formant filter.

Some cool mixing modules to go into the machine.

A couple of effects, and I have to say that this is probably the most disappointing, and I hope we’ll see some more options here in due course.

Finally, a ‘misc’ tab of elements to put into the machine.

Adding modules/elements into the modular machine gives you two views. A front and a flip view. The front panel view is above …

And below is the flip view gives you the patch cable view.

Patching the elements is very easy and straightforward, and I’m happy to say, a real joy to play around with. Caustic will be in alpha for a while and there are no promises on stability at all, but even so, I think it’s worth the risks.

I think it’ll be a big step forward for Android music making.

Impressed? I am.

Thinking about doing some live stuff again …

This is where I’d got to with my live rig (a long time ago), but I’m wondering if there’s a better way?


AudioReverb (video)

iOS Music Community opens a BitWiz group

You can find it here and post your codes to the community.

Studio 1111 – 303 + 808 update

And it’s a good update too:

  • Midi Clock – Slave the app to other sequencers!
  • Change patterns via midi
  • Modes can be selected by directly taping leds (no need to toggle)
  • Control All knobs and FX via Midi CC (press help at top right for midi implementation)
  • Mute/Solo buttons for both channels
  • FX Hold button to keep the effect on
  • AudioBus will be available in the next update!!!

CausticLive – An app that will enhance the Caustic experience

I saw this video over at the Musical Android site. The app is in alpha at the moment, but seems to be something that could really build on Caustic (for Android). Of course it’ll take time to get it into the play store, but I’m sure it’ll get there and take Android music making up a notch.

Less than 3 days to go for BPOW to close on Kickstarter

I know that they’ve hit their funding goal already, but if you wanted to help them out I’m sure that they’ll put any extra cash to good use.

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