Now that BPOW is funded it gives me an idea …

I was thinking about this a week or so ago and started talking to an old friend who also thought it was a good, so I thought I’d share this with you.

I thought that the BPOW (Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop) was a great idea, a little bit of a distance for me to get there, but still a great idea, so I started thinking about what it would be like to do something similar to this in London. Perhaps not entirely like BPOW. I think that it would need to be quite mobile focused, quite mobile device centric, but also with spin offs into areas like DIY hardware, arduino etc.

So at the moment it is very much just the bare bones of an idea and I’d love to get some feedback from you, especially if you’re in London and think it’s something you’d like to get behind, but if you’re not I’d still like to hear your ideas.

I’m waiting to hear ….

Pearl Guitar on iPad Mini (video)

Less than 3 days left with Miselu’s C.24 on KickStarter …

Less than three days left for Miselu’s C.24 keyboard. The $99 versions have gone but you can still get the $149 version which I think is a good deal too.

Not sure if I’ve posted this before, but I really liked it so I decided to post it again

New things coming to Glitchbreaks


BPOW still has 4 days to go, so you’ve still got time to fund them

You know it makes sense!

Kickstarter now open in Canada

Great news for all the clever music hardware making types in Canada! We expect great things now. Let the awesome projects start and demand the attention of my wallet.

As people were asking about this the other day I thought I’d find this picture again

I’ve no idea if we’ll ever see this for real.

Video: Silent Film Fun made on iOS (via iPad Creative)

It Looks Like Rain from MacPhun on Vimeo.

Nice silent film shot with iOS. (via iPad Creative)

And a bit more from today’s Audiobus route

In … with bleep!BOX (and MoDrum)

Out into Master Record …

And through Galileo for some very interesting results.

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