There are 4 lines, each of them fed into Frames which crossfades between several blends of these. All lines play the same sequence of notes, coming from Peaks set to 4-step sequencer mode, on Channel 1, triggered by Grids in Euclidean mode. Line 1: Braids in wavetable mode. Timbre modulation from a Quadra channel triggered by Grids. Wavetable changes from Peaks’ channel 2 set to a different 4-step sequence triggered by Grids’ “channel reset” pulse. Line 2: Sine wave from Dixie II. Line 3: Sawtooth from Dixie II sent to Ripples, LP4+VCA output. The VCA CV comes from a Quadra channel, triggered by another channel from Grids. The filtered/envelopped signal is sent to the Echophon, whose output is patched into Frames. Line 4: Same as above, but taken from the BP2 output and sent straight to Frame. Supporting cast: 2 channels from the Quadra as LFO (for Frames’ morphing and Ripples cutoff). Function as an AD envelope patched to the Dixie linear FM input. A bunch of things running through the Triatt. Links for buffering the sequencer CV.

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