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Master Record Overview

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Resurface (Improvisation for Gestrument) (video)

Resurface (Improvisation for Gestrument) from Stephen Calhoun on Vimeo.

Video description:

Preparation for this piece involved sorting through lots of soundfont sample sets, or fashioning new sets to import into the iPad generative sampler and touch performance tool, Gestrument. (gestrument.se/) I selected eight different sample sets and fired up Audiobus on iPad 3, plugged in the excellent new reverb AUFX:Space, piped output to Audioshare, and linked the output to Logic on a laptop.

Gestrument tip: arrange your samples in a hierarchy so it is easy to distinguish between ‘beds’ and ‘stabs’ and ‘fx.’

For me, this allows me to toggle through the main sonic content and what I think of as secondary ‘commentary.’

I pick up a feel for the generative pace of the performance and then respond intuitively. In this instance the BPM is 10, GLIDE is set to slowest, and, HOLD and CONTINUOUS PULSE is set to [on]

(Please comment on the blog and ask questions if you have any – nogutsnoglorystudios.squareone-learning.com/)

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Symphonix Evolution news

They’re keeping their cards close to their chest on the next update, but there’s some clues about where they’re going for iOS 7.

Via the Symphonix Evolution Blog.

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Textile Based Synth from lara grant

Textile Based Synth from lara grant on Vimeo.

I find this stuff really interesting and I think that the whole area of wearable synths and music technology is ripe for development.

“Showing at Devotion Gallery on August 2nd at 7pm in Brooklyn. Along with past and present felt designs.


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KORG DS-10 Industrial Acid Electro Tune

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Scape + Poly jam #1 (tHe lOst iNnocence)

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KORG iMS-20 & iOS Co. – Feeling Jazzy by Mee Zanook

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London Music Hack Space announces performances as part of Hack the Barbican

Great news, a great line up of free performances next week (8th of August) to celebrate the first anniversary of the workshop series.

Full details here.

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 – Kalimba (video)

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The daily rebuttal … (Audiobus routes)

Another great from Dave!