AmpKit+ 1.7 is a big update

AmpKit+ updates and it’s a big one. Here’s the detail, and lots of it:


  • AmpKit 1.7 adds substantially to an already huge gear library, bringing its total to 103 available amp channels, cabinets, pedals and mics. And with AmpKit, you can mix and match amps, cabinets and mics, and add up to 32 effects in a single setup, for virtually unlimited tone permutations.
  • Taos .50 Cal: Modeled on the Mesa® Studio .50 Caliber, the .50 Cal offers both pristine clean tones and growling leads. Its immense versatility lends itself to rock, blues, country, metal, and more. Dial in the rhythm channel for funky smooth riffs and switch to lead for those wild solo sections. Further craft your tone with the .50 Cal’s presence knob and onboard spring reverb. Includes matched 1×10 cabinet.
  • Colonel Plexi 50: Modeled on the Marshall® JMP Lead 50W, this amp is a true classic. An epic combination of classic tube overdrive, power and sustain, the Plexi is a rock and blues powerhouse. We’ve even reproduced its tonally-distinct I and II inputs, so you can get anything from crunchy rhythms to gut-wrenching leads. Paired with a matching 4×12 cab.
  • Voltage VT Classic: A bass amplifier born at the end of the revolutionary 1960s, our Voltage VT Classic is modeled on the Ampeg® SVT®-CL and is a faithful and authentic recreation of this legendary bass amplifier. The unique five-way mid frequency control, coupled with useful ultra-hi and ultra-lo switches, opens up a huge range of equalization options, making this amp as versatile as it is powerful. Includes a matched 8×10 cabinet.
  • Magic Modulator: Modeled on the Maestro Ring Modulator, this pedal will twist, bend, and shoot your tone into outer space. Its ring modulation effect produces truly original sounds to stimulate your creativity and enhance your sonic palette. We’ve enabled tilt control of the Frequency parameter, so you can tweak your tone in amazing ways while playing live or reamping.
  • ToneMime GT: Modeled on the Tech 21 SansAmp GT2, the ToneMime GT is a unique modeling pedal offering amp, cabinet, and mic adjustments all in one little package. Create everything from classic tube tones to truly unique and physically improbable gear combinations. Get creative and expand your sonic capabilities with the ToneMime GT.
  • The Vintage 3+6 Pack includes all of the great new guitar gear in AmpKit 1.7, and adds classic gear from several prior AmpKit releases. In total, the Vintage 3+6 Pack delivers three great vintage amps and six mind-blowing pedals, all at a great discount.

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