Airmino – A Motion Theremin Synthesizer for iPhone arrives

Airmino is a powerful motion theremin synthesizer: create music by simply moving your hand through the air!

You can choose from 5 audio waveforms, 2 sound effects (tremolo and a realistic ring modulator), and any musical key in one of 9 different scales. You can control the singing quality of the theremin by setting the smoothness of the glissando (changes between notes) or the strength of the vibrato (frequency modulation around the current note). You can even turn off the musical tuning system entirely to make fun sci-fi sounds like the classic theremin sound-tracks of 1950’s outer-space movies.

To play music with Airmino, you must securely hold your iPhone or iPod touch in your hand. To control the pitch of the tone, you smoothly sweep your hand (carrying the device) up or down through the air. Airmino uses sophisticated motion-tracking algorithms to immediately and accurately translate your movements into changes in pitch or note, which are displayed at the top of the screen.

In addition to up-and-down movements for pitch, Airmino translates side-to-side motion into a natural singing vibrato and converts the rotation angle of the device into audio volume. If you have selected a sound effect from the effects menu, then you can control the effect frequency by sliding your thumb on the displayed touchpad.

Airmino is a virtual theremin that allows you to create a world of music with simple, intuitive motions of your hand!


  • All new 32-bit, low-latency audio engine
  • Adaptive path-integration algorithms for motion tracking
  • Fast, versatile theremin model for tone control
  • Audio waveforms:
    • Sine, Squared sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, and Square wave
  • Sound effects:
    • Ring modulator, based on a realistic model of the analog diode circuit
    • Tremolo, based on amplitude modulation
  • Musical tuning system:
    • Any key, 9 different musical scales
    • Glissando: control the smoothness between note changes
    • Portamento: control whether intermediary notes are played
    • Vibrato: control the singing tone using side-to-side motion
  • Musical scales:
    • Chromatic, Major, Pentatonic Major, Double Harmonic Major,
    • Natural Minor, Pentatonic Minor, Double Harmonic Minor
    • Blues, Raga VutariĀ 

The app is priced at $2.99.

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