Poly for iPad brings generative poly-rhythms sequencing to your iPad

Poly is a unique generative sequencer for iPad which harnesses the power of poly-rhythms to create intricate and exciting patterns.

Different coloured nodes are added to a circular area. The closer a node is to middle, the faster it repeats. Each node has its own sample, FX settings and keyboard. There are five available colours and up to 12 nodes maximum.

Poly comes with over 40 preset sounds, including a selection of awesome 808 samples!

Other features include:

  • Audiobus integration
  • Audio Copy and Paste (via In App Purchase)
  • MIDI sync and Virtual MIDI out (via In App Purchase)
  • Saving and Loading of Patterns
  • Recording of performances
  • SoundCloud upload and Dropbox upload and download (via the same In App Purchase as ACP)

The app is free but with IAPs as described above.

Apple GarageBand iOS Tutorial: Dubstep/Pop

Details of Master Record for iPad

The new app from the maker of Audio Mastering Studio (iTunes link). It looks pretty impressive to me. Here’s just a few of the details:

Audio processing features:

  • Tape recorder effect with three types of frequency response and controlled wow/flutter.
  • Classic High/Low shelf EQ for accurate input signal correction.
  • Tape saturation effect with three types similar to the different equipment modes.
  • Noise effect with four types of noise for more natural sounds.
  • Separate level control for each channel with link option and channel selection.
  • High quality limiter prevents clipping and makes sound more intense.
  • Highly visible level meters, time counter, free space and battery meters.

You’ll find more here, and even more technical details here. Personally, I’m really looking forward to this.

POPCORN Cover by DigiEnsemble Berlin @ZKM AppArtAward 2013

From the app archive: AirVox from Yonac

AirVox for iOS – Playing Scales

Still a great and completely innovative app from the ever wonderful Yonac.

MyOneManBand Vs Werkbench 2.0 (2nd try at breakfast)

Palm Sounds flickr group

I’ve posted about this before recently as I’ve been wondering about this group. Should I revive it? Would anyone like to be involved too? I think that now that flickr have beefed up their account limits it’d be a lot easier.

So, if you’d like to put your mobile music pictures in the group, click here and I’ll add you.

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