Developer of the week is: Audiobus !

As you all know what it does (I expect) there’s no need to explain why, but I though it was worth saying. So Audiobus is my developer of the week this week as they’ve changed the way we do things in a big way and I hope that in the coming weeks and months we see Audiobus develop and bring us new ways to connect our apps and do even more interesting and extreme things!

Thanks Audiobus.

Audiobus - Audiobus Pty Ltd

MyOneManBand – Loopseque In The Park, Live Stadspark Jam

Korg Kaossilator 2 & Mini Kaoss Pad 2 In Action

TÉHU LOOP SESSION #19, using TB Midi Stuff template

Maschine MKI+Maschine MKII+Ipad

Ipad Custom Template (TB Midi Stuff)
Ribbon controller to Polyvok Station VSTi
X/Y to controller Master FX (Delay+Filter)

One-shot samples, no pre-recorded loops

So, what are they making?

(from the FL Studio Instagram account)

App of the week is: AUFX: Space

I do like apps from Kymatica and AUFX:Space is no exception. When I initially heard about AUFX:Space I wasn’t sure how good an app could be that was just a reverb. I shouldn’t have worried. This app is amazing. It has so much to offer, and the quality of the reverb itself is amazing.

So AUFX:Space is my app of the week, and I suggest that you give it a try.

Konkreet Labs: LEGACY Prototype Video # 5 – Visualiser

Video description:

“In this series we’d like to share some of our very first prototypes with you, that led to KONKREET PERFORMER.

Aii… The app is almost finished, and we are exploring ways to have the KONKREET graphics on a second screen for projection, over WI-FI! The Beta was used by Stephan Bodzin and Mark Romboy on their LUNA Tour 2011.”

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