QOTD: What would make you change platforms?

Let’s face it, for the most part iOS is the go to platform for mobile music. Android is getting better, but it’s still a long way behind in many ways. But what if that changed? What if some new hardware or software came along for a mobile platform other than iOS?

What is it that would make you decide to change over?

Apple bringing new products this Autumn and into 2014 … So?

From their earnings call yeterday Apple have said that they have new products on the way to us for later this year and into 2014. All great, but what? And, more importantly, what will make the biggest difference for mobile musicians?

Whilst speed is always good I really want to see more innovation from them. Yes, iOS7 is nice and I’m sure there’ll be things in there which will help (inter-app audio?), but I don’t want to buy my next iPad just for the speed bump. I want more. What that is, well I don’t know as yet.

What would you like to see, and what do you think will make the biggest difference for mobile music?

Support the BPOW!

Another plug for this event …

From the creator of the Molecule synth comes the Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop! In Portland on the 10th of August.

BPOW (Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop) is a 2-day interactive festival dedicated to the art of salvaged sound and DIY electronics. Encompassing two days of workshops, performances and culminating in a DIY public jam session, BPOW!!! wants to show Portland that even the simplest circuit configurations can bring forth unprecedented levels of ROCK.


Palm Sounds flickr group

I’ve posted about this before recently as I’ve been wondering about this group. Should I revive it? Would anyone like to be involved too? I think that now that flickr have beefed up their account limits it’d be a lot easier.

So, if you’d like to put your mobile music pictures in the group, click here and I’ll add you.

The App Store turned 5 so here’s 5 things I’d like them to do …

I know it was a little while ago, but here are a few simple things that I think would make the app store a bit easier to use …

  1. Upgrade pricing – I don’t think it should be beyond the abilities of Apple to introduce this. I know it would almost certainly add complexity and in some cases it wouldn’t be popular with users, but it could help developers to continue to support apps with new features rather than the current process of having to issue a whole new version on a big upgrade.
  2. Make wish lists accessible on the iPhone and iPad. I love my wish list on iTunes but it would be so much better if I could see it and add to it on my iPhone.
  3. More categories. Just having music is not enough. I’d like to see it split down into more categories and perhaps have one just for cat pianos and similar apps, so I can avoid those. At the very least we should get a music production category.
  4. More price points and simpler pricing.
  5. Allow users to go back to a previous version. I think it would be much easier if we could downgrade apps on our devices. Not just when things go wrong, but for use with older devices too. Of course this would be especially useful when iOS7 brings auto updates.

Anything I’ve missed or that you’d like to see?

    Windows Mobile app of the day: Griff (Promo film)

    For a variety of reasons I was feeling a bit retro, so I thought I’d show some love for Griff for the ancient Windows Mobile.

    Enjoy …

    Geo Synth: Now has Audiob… WTF!!!! (video)

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