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Fracture (10,3,1) by Mood481


Composed and produced on my iPad 4. Z1 – iPulsaret Y3 – Grain Science X10 – Stria C – iPulsaret (938) D – iPulsaret (983)

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Northern lights by budapestdreamorchestra


This is built on an improvisation I did just for fun about a month ago. Haven’t done that on a piano for 25 years. This weekend I discovered the file and did a little arrangement with a base, a drum machine, some strings and a lovely sound from Sunrizer. All made in GarageBand using Audiobus and Sunrizer. All is done on my iPad. The piano excursion made something come alive inside me again. Will do more of this stuff. Just love the nu-jazz vibe on this track. Hope you like it too! The title is inspired by two trips I made up north in Sweden recently. Please enjoy!

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Vocation by pantsofdeath


this one was train music – I have been commuting into Sydney all week.. this started out as a MixTikl experiment but developed layers, like an ogre, until the Mixtikl part became fairly inconspicuous. I listened back on my last month’s output the other day and I find myself a bit disappointed, nothing wrong with the work but none of it stands out much – I am trying to get a bit more.. er… something into this

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Barden Moor by apapdop


Uploaded with AudioShare app – http://kymatica.com/audioshare Soundscape using ppg Wavegenerator and Thor. Barden Moor is an amazing place where I sometimes go cycling.

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And today’s route on the (Audio)bus is …

… an enormous amount of fun and gave some really good results, and in fact it’s taken me to more experimentation with Reactable.

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